Circular Logic will change the way you think about Customer Loyalty Marketing

We see customers as individuals, and we’re obsessed with identifying offers that resonate and motivate them to shop your store. Customers appreciate the program as a service, because it uses their purchase history to help them save money. Our unique approach delivers a curated set of offers for each customer that makes them feel known and understood.

Shopping choices are determined by how the customer feels about your store, your delivery on the “brand promise” you make. We nurture your relationship with your customers by recognizing this universal desire for emotional connection. We apply neuroscience principles to deliver promotional content that customers anticipate and love, as shown by email open rates in excess of 35%!

We transform routine weekly advertising into targeted, powerfully personalized promotions. With zero additional promotional expense, you’re able to drive incredible promotional impact. When you see the customer response and realize the low, fixed cost of the Circular Logic program, you’ll understand why it’s 'the most profitable thing you can do with your loyalty data'.

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