RARELY Asked Questions

Other digital flyer platforms can't deliver, so most people never ask!

CATEGORY MANAGERS - Can you help me understand how well my ad offers are doing?

YES! - We provide reports with customer-centric insights on the power of every promotional offer in your weekly ad. 

STORE MANAGERS - Can you add in promotional banners or offers only for customers shopping my store?

YES! - Our system was built specifically to meet the needs of store level targeting. 

LOYALTY MARKETING - Can I add targeted offers or e-coupons with what you are showing them from the ad?

YES! - We'll work with you to design the targeted offer or e-coupon blocks so they can flow in seamlessly with the weekly ad offers.

E-COMMERCE - Can your system be used by our digital shoppers to help them shop for pickup or delivery?

YES! - Our digital circular is omni-channel and our API makes it easy to inject personalization into your e-commerce experience.

APP TEAM - Can you help us feature each customer's top offers in our app?

YES! - We'll provide all the detail you need via our API.  We'll even optimize the images and text fields so they look great on a small screen.

CFO - Can we cut down on the number of printed ad pages and not lose sales?

YES! - Our digital flyer platform can play a key role in communicating offers directly with customers.  We've been down this path before and not only know that it can be done, we have a plan to help you get there.  Your customers and your CFO will love it!